"Perspective Influences All"
"Spring's Totem"
"Son of Sun"
"Clowning Around"
"May Fantasy Always Prevail"
"Art Therapy"
"Moss Man Rises"
"Happy Birthday Josh"
"Future Fossil Remains"
"Home in Abstraction"
"Einstein Quote"
"The Bliss of Joyful Query and Eternal Theory"
"Releasing Spores... Like A Boss"
"Poster Boy"
"On The Cat's Back"
"Pool Party"
"Squiggly Sunrise"
"Resting Upon Thy Creators"
"Matter from Matter"
"Modern Alter"
"Cosmic Refuge"
"You May Be The Target"
"Silly Farm"
"Burger Nation"
"You Are The Painting - Painter"
"Who's Your Boss"
"Jesus Remix"
"May I Jest?"
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